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  • Enterprise SDA Migration

    WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: During this webinar we will discuss some typical SDA migration designs as well as share some important lessons learned. SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: David Chen is Solution Architect from Cisco CX team. David has been working with Cisco for more…
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  • EVPN in Service Provider and Data Center Network

    WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Why is EVPN an important part of BGP? How can it help to simplify Service Provider Network End-to-End together with Next Generation Central Office? These questions and more will be answered in this technical webinar. SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Jiri…
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  • Technical Advancements for SAP Products when Using Cisco UCS

    WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: In this webinar you will learn details about Cisco for SAP solutions, includes Cisco Hyperflex for SAP HANA, Flexpod and Flashstack for SAP and the benefit of using Intel’s OptaneDC Memory with HANA. SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Michael Lang is…
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