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From live instructors to peer collaboration, Skyline ATS has been supporting remote learning for over 10 years, allowing students to learn from anywhere. Effectively train your teams by leveraging our online expertise and key enablement solutions – led by award-winning instructors and technology experts.

Enable your teams to successfully:

Adapt Quickly

Pivot to changing market forces

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Our Remote Training Options

Continue your IT training and education with our remote learning courses and resources. Students new to virtual learning will discover that online training delivers the same benefits as the physical classroom setting.  

Delivered by live certified instructors in an interactive, virtual environment, you’ll receive the same technical content and hands-on labs as in any of our physical classes – saving you time and resources.

Enable your teams to work together from anywhere with the ability to communicate real-time with your instructor and peers. 

With our virtual Private Classes, we can address the specific requirements of your company by delivering standardized or customized content directly to your teams, customers or partners. 

Save time and money by training every team member all at once with practical, hands-on experience that can be  immediately applied to your specific network challenges.

Our vast selection of digital learning solutions offer students a variety of online choices for a wide range of budgets and learning styles.

Access industry-validated content and an assortment of resources that ensure your success. We have courses available in self-paced modules, single classes, or a collection of topical subjects to fit your needs.

Ask your account manager about our subscription-based options.

Remote Team Learning

Keep your teams in-sync and their IT skills updated with our virtual courses focused on today’s needs.

No Cancellations

Learn from anywhere

Improve Productivity

Telepresence for Today

Develop, Scale & Deliver-High Quality Content

Our Remote Services & Solutions

Deliver impactful and accessible training content with customized solutions from our development team. Provide your partners, sales teams, and engineers the knowledge and resources they need to understand your solutions, drive demand, and close deals.

A Cisco + Skyline ATS Service

CDL XL (Cisco Digital Learning XL) goes above and beyond traditional online learning by boosting your Cisco Digital Learning (CDL) subscription with unlimited live & virtual classroom training for 12 months.

Choose from five passes that include certified Cisco courses covering the latest Cisco network infrastructure and career certifications:

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