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Security solutions to give you peace of mind regardless of where you are – on premise, in the cloud, or working remotely.

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Why Security for SMBs

When the network is down, your business isn’t up. Keep your business secure by detecting threats earlier, faster and with more ease. Here’s why your business deserves Cisco security.

Simplified Security

Protect your entire business with a powerful, yet simple, security approach.

Security That Works Fast

Our security solutions work as a team to detect threats earlier and faster.

Security that Grows

Strengthen your security strategy and reduce risk with solutions you can rely on.

Cybercrime costs small and medium businesses more than $2.2 million a year.



Cisco Security Products

Meraki MX cloud managed firewalls can be remotely deployed in minutes. Easy to deploy, security settings can be synchronized across multiple sites using templates ensuring that your security policies are consistent regardless of the location.

Auto VPN technology securely connects branches and cloud services in a few clicks. Advanced features such as automatic WAN/cellular failover, VPNs, IPS, content filtering, malware protection, and SD-WAN these firewalls provide you redundancy, security, and high availability at your network edge.

From the Firepower 1000 series designed for SMB and branch offices, to the Firepower 9300, Cisco’s firewalls offer a full suite of products to secure your network, users, and cloud resources.

They provide world-class security controls, including the ability to perform packet de-encryption for deep packet inspection to manage and stop threats fast. Utilizing management platforms, such as FireSight or Cisco Defense Orchestrator provides you with visibility and ease of configuration across multiple firewalls from just about anywhere.

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection provides both protection at the edge and at the endpoint. When used with a Cisco Firewall, such as FTD, AMP can prevent malicious attacks at the network edge.

When applied to the endpoint, AMP for Endpoints blocks initial attacks, and then continues to monitor files, memory, and behavior – even when working remotely. Combine AMP with Umbrella to provide even more protection against threats to your users on or off the corporate network.

A cloud-based security platform that provides the first line of defense for users and network resources regardless of where they are.

By controlling, filtering and monitoring DNS requests Umbrella stops attacks earlier, identifies infected devices faster, and helps prevent data exfiltration. Easy to setup and configure, Umbrella starts working immediately to protect your environment and your users.

A huge challenge for customers is data stolen through the compromise of employees’ passwords. Cisco Duo’s multi-factor authentication verifies user identities and blocks out-of-date, unsecure, or unknown devices from accessing your applications and devices.

Duo now offers a password-less key exchange alleviating users from having to remember complex and ever-changing passwords.

Empower your employees to work from anywhere, on company laptops or personal mobile devices, at any time. It’s not just for VPN.

Cisco AnyConnect eases integration with Umbrella, AMP, ISE, and other secure technologies with a range of features and flexible licensing options to meet and grow with your customers' needs.

The gatekeeper of network access. Providing robust authentication, authorization and accounting enabling you to control not only who is connecting but what devices are on the network.

At the core of a host of secure platforms including 802.1x, DNA, and SDA, ISE provides you with comprehensive network access control for your environment.

Cisco offers a full suite of products to protect you, your network, and your users including:

  • Cloudlock – a cloud access security broker
  • Stealthwatch – provides scalability visibility and analytics to threats
  • SDA and SGT – secured communication through group controls
  • SecureX – connects the Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure

Cisco Webex Security

Cisco Webex gives you strong encryption, compliance visibility and control. Skyline ATS can help you collaborate without compromise.

Cisco Meraki: 100% Cloud Managed IT that Simply Works

As one of the first partners to adopt and educate organizations across the complete Cisco Meraki product line, our certified experts are qualified to address all your technical and business needs.

eBook: Are you confident your network can keep up?

Cisco’s networking portfolio uniquely gives the assurance, automation, and security to provide secure access in today’s world. Read how you can secure your network with Skyline ATS today.

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