Educational Services

Custom Learning Solutions

As technology evolves faster and faster, employees are finding it more difficult to adapt what they know about a current technology, and apply that to newer technologies.

Why not utilize Skyline’s education experts to create a training program that gives you a competitive advantage and delivers a big payoff compared to the investment?

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Curriculum Development

Custom Curriculum to Meet Today’s Challenges

Today’s highly volitile, ever-changing workplace demands more from employees than ever before.

Let us create custom curriculum to meet your employee’s need for continued growth. Proficient in developing curriculum for Instructor-led Training, Skyline will create a course suited for onsite delivery and/or remote delivery (through Cisco Webex or Videoconferencing). Examples include:

  • Certification Training
  • Product Training
  • Sales Enablement
  • Product Adoption
  • End-User Training
  • Customized Training
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e-Learning Development

Not the e-Learning of the Past

Skyline e-Learning materials are very effective, well designed, are participative, and have a variety of different media e.g. videos, games, puzzles, quizzes etc. and challenges the learner. e-Learning is rapidly growing in popularity. The benefits most people associate with e-Learning when compared to conventional training are:

  • The lower costs to train large groups of people
  • The quicker potential pace of delivery
  • The lower environmental impact due to less printing and travel for learners
  • Consistent delivery

Skyline can customize an e-Learning regimen to optimize learning for the student, whether that be an employee, customer or business partner. Contact us today for more information.