Cisco Technical Knowledge Library

Access to Cisco’s Experience, Best Practices, and More

Cisco Technical Knowledge Library (TKL), part of Cisco Digital Learning (CDL) technology subscriptions, gives your IT staff unlimited access to proprietary content for Cisco solutions and technologies 24/7. Use its resources to avoid common problems and reduce your learning curve on Cisco products and technologies.

Purchase any CDL technology subscription and receive TKL as a bonus!

Where do you go when you need expert guidance?

What if you could…

Get the most up-to-date information from experts who work with the same systems and technologies?
Take advantage of the expertise they’ve gained working with companies around the world?
Access this information online, any time, anywhere, on any device?
Help your staff continue learning and achieve Cisco certifications?


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  • Just-in-Time Information
  • Webinars & TnT Webinars
  • Cisco Press in Digital Format
  • Deployment & Installation Guides
  • Checklists
  • Technical Tips & Presentations
  • High & Low Design Docs
  • Videos on Demand
  • Cisco Sandbox
  • Test Procedures
  • Security Alerts
  • Learning Center
  • Just-in-Time Information

    TKL aggregates in-depth information from Cisco engineers to give you access to just-in-time information on the latest trends in technology.
  • Webinars & Team in Training Webinars

    Targeted technical webinar events covering a variety of topics delivered by industry Cisco experts.
  • Cisco Press in Digital Format

    Full Cisco Press library available in digital format.
  • Deployment & Implementation Guides

    Comprehensively tested and documented guides by Cisco engineers to ensure faster, more reliable, and fully predictable deployments.
  • Infrastructure Readiness & Deployment Checklists

    Checklists and readiness templates to support a smooth rollout and deployment of IT projects.
  • Technical Tips & Presentations

    Technical tips, presentations, and other self-study resources to keep up-to-date on new technologies.
  • High & Low-Level Design Docs

    Cisco recommended design documents detailing the physical and logical requirements.
  • Videos on Demand

    Video on Demand (VoD) and presentations created by Cisco experts and employees.
  • Cisco Sandbox

    A web file repository designed to share content such as WebEx sessions and meeting minutes between your team and Cisco.
  • Test Procedures & Acceptance Criteria

    Access and review customer test cases and acceptance test procedures to support your projects.
  • Security Alerts

    IntelliShield security feeds providing continuous, comprehensive, and actionable threat and vulnerability updates.
  • Learning Center

    Supplemental Cisco certification information including technology specific, on-demand courses.

What TKL Customers Say

  • I love the TKL site, and it has helped me greatly with both my daily work as well as working towards achieving certifications.

    – Key Bank

  • Excellent resource tool providing latest events materials, training materials, and product specific documentations in one centralized repository.

    – RIM

  • TKL is really very helpful for networking professionals to enhance their networking skills

    – Accenture

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