Cisco Continuing Education Program

A Recertification Program for Current CCIE & CCDE Individuals

The Cisco Continuing Education Program is offered to current CCIE and CCDE certified professionals as a flexible alternative to recertification. Individuals now have the option to recertify by passing a relevant exam or by earning credits through continuing education. Once candidates have earned the designated number of credits and paid their Continued Education administrative fee, they will be recertified as per the existing recertification policies.

Skyline is proud to be one of the participating authorized learning partners in this program and will be offering the full range of courses listed within the Continuing Education Catalogue.

Please contact your Skyline representative for more information or visit the program page on for additional details.

How to Enroll

  • Log in to, agree to the terms and conditions and enroll in the program.
  • Candidates need to accumulate and report the 100 credits required before their certification expires.
  • Candidate pays a continuing education administrative fee of $300 before the certification expires.

Program Eligibility

The Continuing Education Program will be available only for candidates with Expert-level certifications in Active or Suspend status as defined on the How to Recertify website.

Beginning June 6, 2017, any Expert-level certification holder can choose from the list of pre-approved Continuing Education Program offerings to earn credits towards recertification. Courses completed prior to June 6, 2017 are not eligible.

To be eligible for the Cisco Continuing Education Program, candidates must meet these requirements:

  • Hold a valid Expert-level certification.
  • Have a certification status of Active, Suspend, or Emeritus.

Those with Emeritus status who cannot become active again by passing only a written exam OR who have achieved Emeritus status by earning Business Transformation certifications are NOT eligible for this program.

How do I accrue credits?

Credits can be accrued via a variety of activities – course attendance, Cisco Live training, and content authoring.

Expert-level certification holders can log in to Click on ‘Item Catalogue’ to view the pre-approved courses and offerings available to earn the required credits. You can customize your search based on the search options provided.

What courses and activities are available through the Continuing Education Program do I need to complete to renew my Expert-level certification?

For a list of pre-approved Continuing Education learning courses and offerings, download the Continuing Education items summary or logon to Continuing Education platform and click on ‘Item Catalog’.

How are credits entered into the Continuing Education Program portal?

Once you log into, follow the below steps to submit credits for validation:

  • Click on ‘Submit Items’
  • Enter information in the ‘Item Name, ‘Item Type’, ‘Select Provider’, ‘Start Date’ and ‘Completion Date’ fields
  • Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox
  • Click ‘Submit’

Are Associate and Professional level certification holders eligible to recertify?

No. Currently only Expert-level certification holders are eligible for the Cisco Continuing Education Program.

How many credits are required to recertify through the Continuing Education Program?

Expert-level certification holders need to earn 100 credits and pay the $300 Continuing Education Program administrative fee.

Program Goal

The Cisco Continuing Education Program is intended to encourage candidates to diversify their skill sets in order to make them more valuable to their organization and the industry as a whole while maintaining the integrity of the Cisco brand.

Visit our Cisco course catalog
and earn required credits for eligible courses

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