Skyline-ATS now offers Focal Point Academy courses

Build the cyber security skill sets you need through hands-on, real-world training from leading experts.

In today’s increasingly connected world, cyber security is even more important than ever before.

Skyline-ATS is partnering with Focal Point Data Risk to provide best in-class cyber security skills training and development courses that enable our clients to combat cyber threats and build smarter, stronger cyber security programs.

Focal Point Academy provides lab-intensive cyber security training delivered by seasoned cyber security experts who have trained those in the government, military and commercial sectors.

  • Focal Point follows a “70/30 Rule” when it comes to course development. Each course is 70% lab and 30% lecture, providing students with real-world skills they can apply immediately.
  • Focal Point’s instructors receive an average 4.9/5 rating for knowledge and delivery every year, and are relied on by the most technical branches of the U.S. Military.
  • Focal Point also helps companies build elite cyber workforce development programs from skills assessments to career roadmaps to ongoing skills training.

Focal Point Academy courses currently available through Skyline-ATS are in the following disciplines:

Detect, analyze and understand potential attacks on your attack.

How they work, how they’re exploited, computer forensics and breach response procedures.

Learn to write the most important programming languages for information security, including Python.

Understand the tools and methodologies that malicious hackers are using and leverage them to better protect your systems and networks.

Identify and analyze various forms of malware and determine their effects on your systems.

Learn hacking and exploitation techniques for Android and IOS devices, as well as how to write, execute and troubleshoot software.

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