E-rate Program

Modernize Your Classroom or Library with Skyline ATS & E-rate

As an eligible Service Provider under the Schools and Libraries Program, we focus on assisting K-12 organizations with internet and networking initiatives that will propel their technology plans forward.

What is E-rate

The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, commonly known as “E-rate”, offers assistance to most public schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable broadband and networking solutions.

By working with Skyline ATS, our experts can help you develop an E-rate strategy to support 21st century learning. You’ll learn:

  • Which services and products are eligible for E-rate discounts
  • How to navigate E-rate’s new application portal
  • How to apply successfully
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Develop your E-rate strategy with us today.

Skyline ATS Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN): 143052872

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Why Work with Skyline ATS for Your E-rate Needs?

30+ Years Supporting Education Customers

For decades we've helped schools and libraries update their environments with the latest technology and tools.

Subject Matter Experts

Our team consist of educators and technology experts who specialize in K-12 education needs.

Award-Winning Technology Experts

Our expertise ranges from Cisco to cloud technologies including Meraki, Cisco collaboration, Azure and AWS.


Our Trusted Partners

Who Can Apply for E-rate Services?



Use Cases

Skyline ATS has collaborated with leaders in K-12, higher education, as well as Cisco leadership to ensure our training sessions are custom tailored to your pedagogical needs.


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