Skyline Hires Cisco Distinguished Architect Greg Edwards to Help Lead their Technology, Sales and Enablement Efforts.

February 2018

Skyline Advanced Technology Services (ATS) is adding to their depth of leadership with their recent addition of Greg Edwards, an award-winning Cisco Distinguished Communications Architect.

Greg’s expertise is in developing innovative business, communications and technology solutions.  He led the strategic development of Cisco’s global Business Architecture methodology that is now a Cisco certification.  Greg also mentored the internal systems engineering and sales teams; contributing to over $5 billion in sales.

A visionary leader, he has been repeatedly recognized for high impact achievements within Cisco.

Greg’s role as Distinguished Architect within Skyline will be to identify key opportunities and critical business and design requirements.  As part of this role, he will work to further energize the Skyline sales team to grow their accounts through the sharing of best practices and state-of-the-art technology and educational capabilities.

“I look forward to leveraging Skyline’s superior education, solutions, services, and support to create new capabilities to meet these demands of our customers for business and technology enablement,” shares Greg.

Greg served in the United States Air Force, graduating in the top 1% of the military training and technical school.   His passions include wildlife, nature and aircraft photography and designing home theaters for his friends and family.   He lives in Ohio with his wife.  Greg’s personal mantra is, “I believe it is only impossible until it is done.”

About Skyline
Skyline Advanced Technology Services (ATS) is a leading provider of technology education, professional services and solutions since 1989. We accelerate business initiatives and enhance customer experiences by providing superior education, solutions, services, and support to help effect positive business transformation.  Discover more at

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