Personalized Content Development

Our team of Instructional Designers will create targeted training resources to support your learning objectives. We offer a variety of products including:

Cross-Industry Solutions

We support customers in a variety of industries with diverse learning objectives.

Here are a few:


When Covid hit, schools were forced to recreate their classrooms remotely. Through a mixture of live training sessions and tailored training content, Skyline successfully trained over 2,000 teachers, staff members, and administrators on how to utilize Webex to deliver high quality education in a virtual environment.

Read this case study to learn more

Data Storage

Technological innovation moves at a rapid pace and no one knows that better than our data storage customers. With the release of new products, Skyline created training videos and simulators to walk customers through the installation, implementation, and best practices for using this powerful new technology.

Cloud Security

How and where we store our data has become a key concern for businesses both big and small. Our customer came to us requesting content to help onboard and train new employees. We created four modules comprised of videos, demonstrations, and simulators that took students through security fundamentals to more advanced topics to get them job-ready.

Our Process

Our success stems from incorporating instructional design frameworks to create effective learning and training programs. One of the frameworks we frequently lean into is ADDIE, which stands for Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. This model provides a structured approach to creating learning experiences across a wide range of technical and non-technical subject matters, including cybersecurity, storage, human resources, and more. By following each sequential step in the ADDIE model, we can ensure that our programs are designed and delivered with maximum effectiveness and impact.

Let’s explore each phase in more detail.

In this first step, we analyze what success would look like with updated or new training. Who are the learners, and where are they now? Where do you want the learners to be after completing the training? This phase involves working with key stakeholders to collect details, such as the learner’s current and future necessary knowledge and skills and the desired outcomes of the training. Further considerations include course or project scope, duration, cost, and potential risks. By carefully emphasizing this phase and evaluating these factors, you can ensure that the training meets audience needs and is delivered effectively and efficiently.

Next, the design phase specifies several critical components. Our team collects learning objectives, content source material if any, and branding requirements. We help to determine course outlines and suggest learning modalities, such as videos, simulations, or responsive web-based experiences. Last, design documents and storyboards are drafted, reflecting preliminary content and assessments.

Once the design phase is complete, development begins. This phase involves creating the actual learning materials based on the design specifications. Our team works closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop the content, including scripts, multimedia elements, interactive activities, and assessments. The materials are often reviewed and revised iteratively during this phase, as needed.

After course review iterations, we deliver the final learning experience to the customer for implementation. Delivery methods include online platforms, classroom instruction, or a hybrid approach.

Last, the evaluation phase is crucial for assessing training effectiveness. It involves gathering data and feedback to determine whether the program met its objectives and identify improvement areas. For example, one method is a post-completion training survey where data-driven decisions can improve the quality and impact of training initiatives.

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