Skyline ATS Cisco Networking Cisco Digital Learning Pass

Networking CDL XL
12 months unlimited live & on-demand training

Prove Your Skills in Networking Technologies

The Networking Cisco Digital Learning XL (CDL XL) pass gives you access to all your Cisco enterprise networking training courses and more in an all-inclusive bundle.

Network engineers can now access both on-demand plus unlimited live classes taught by our award-winning Cisco instructors to help you develop real-world skills in hands-on environments.

What's Included

+ Plus 12 month exclusive Athena membership for CCNA topics and more. Learn more

Cisco Networking Catalog

The Networking CDL XL pass includes the following Cisco courses below.
Take them on-demand, live or virtual*.
*Live or virtual classroom courses are subject to run based on availability

Available Self-Study or On-Demand Available Instructor-led, Live or Virtual

Bonus: TKL Subscription

Includes 12 month access to Technical Knowledge Library (TKL).


Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1

**Skyline Exclusive includes Athena, 12 months of CCNA high-touch resources to boost your skills. Learn more here.**

CCNP Enterprise Networking

Imp & Operating Cisco Ent Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) v1

**Skyline Exclusive includes Athena, 12 months of ENCOR high-touch resources to boost your skills. Learn more here.**

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Adv Routing & Services (ENARSI) v1

Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) v1

Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD) 1.0

Foundation Courses

Introducing IP Fundamentals of Cisco Fabric for Media (IPFMFD) v1.

Understanding Cisco Wireless Foundations (WLFNDU) v1

Internetworking Technology Overview (ITO)

Introduction to IP Multicast Bootcamp

Introduction to IPsec VPN Bootcamp (IPsec VPN)

Introduction to IPv6 Bootcamp (IPv6)

Introduction to MPLS-VPN Bootcamp (MPLS-VPN)

Intro to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals (802.1X) v2

Service Provider

Adv Implementing & Troubleshooting MPLS VPN Networks (AMPLS)

BGP Bootcamp (BGP)

Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) 4.0

Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS) 3.0

Building Core Networks with OSPF, IS-IS, BGP & MPLS Bootcamp (BCN)

Routing Protocol (RP) Bootcamp

LAN Switching Bootcamp (LAN-SW)

Cisco Software Defined Access (SD-Access)

Deploying Cisco SD-Access (ENSDA) v1.1

Preparing ISE for SD-Access (For Customers) (CUST-SDA-ISE) v1.0

SD-Access 1.2 Update Supplement (A-SDA-12UPDT)

Planning & Deploying SD-Access Fundamentals (For Customers) (CUST-SDA-FUND) v1.0

Cisco CR-3

Cisco CRS-3 Hardware Overview

Cisco IOS XR

Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software Operation Enhancements (IOSXR210) v1.0


Cisco IOS XR Ethernet VPN Implementation and Verification (IOSXR303) v1.0


Cisco IOS XR IPv6 Routing (XIPv6R) v3.0

Cisco IOS XR MPLS and Tunnel Technologies for IPv4 (XMPLST4) v3.0

Implementing Segment Routing on Cisco IOS XR (SEGRTE201)

Introduction to Cisco IOS XR (IOSXR100) v2


Cisco IOS XR Broadband Network Gateway Implementation and Verification (IOSXR304) v1.0


Network Convergence Systems

Network Convergence System 4k Series Integrated Services Router (NCS4000HW) v1.0

Network Convergence System 5000 Series Router (NCS5000HW) v1

Service Provider Network Management

Cisco Prime Performance Manager (CPPERF)

Implementing Cisco Prime Carrier Management Suite (ICPCMS) v1.2


Cisco Optical Technology Advanced (OPT300) v2.0

Cisco Optical Technology Intermediate (OPT200) v2.0


Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUI)

Programming for Network Engineers (PRNE) v1.0


Understanding Cisco Indust. IoT NW Found. (INFND) v1.0

Cisco DNA

Implementing Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches (ENC9K) v1.0

Programming Use Cases for Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNAPUC) v1.0

Cisco Digital Network Architecture Implementation Essentials (CDNAIE) v2

Orchestration & Automation

Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) Essentials for Programmers and Network Architects (NSO201) v3.0

SDWAN (Viptela)

Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment (ENSDW) v1.0


Cisco Virtual Wide-Area Application Services (VWAAS) 1.0


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