Cisco Stealthwatch Foundations (SF)

Improve your security defenses, add actionable security intelligence, and increase your network visibility with Cisco Stealthwatch training courses.

This course introduces Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise and provides foundational information to ensure that you understand basic concepts and terms.

Modern enterprise networks are larger and more complex than ever before, so it takes a robust and complex system like Stealthwatch to defend them. The same complexity that makes Stealthwatch such a powerful tool can also make it seem intimidating to new users. It is important to understand the system’s foundational concepts and terminology before delving into its detailed processes and procedures.

Duration: 1 Day (2 Hours) 
Price: FREE with Stealthwatch product purchase

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the Stealthwatch System, how it works, and how it adds value
  • Explain network behavior analysis and baselining.
  • Summarize how Stealthwatch uses flow to provide network visibility
  • Define the purpose, primary characteristics, and Stealthwatch classifications of hosts and host groups
  • Describe the Stealthwatch detection model
  • And much more

Prerequisites include:
This course has no prerequisites.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone who has a interest in the Stealthwatch System
  • Individials who have deployed the Stealthwatch System
  • Users upgrading to new versions for the Stealthwatch System
  • Users who have inherited the Stealthwatch System
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